Bail Bond Basics

One place you never want to find yourself is behind bars. But if you’re ever unfortunate enough to be arrested, would you have any idea of how to go about arranging your release? For most of us, the bail bonds process is a complete mystery.

And who knows? One day, you could be really glad you took the time to learn the basics of getting a bail bond weld county co . It all starts with finding a state-licensed bail bond agent and signing a contract that will get you released from jail on bond.

As long as you honor the terms of the contract, you can live in your own home, eat your regular diet, continue working or going to school and otherwise live life as you normally do. In return for that, you must agree to show up for all scheduled court appearances and avoid doing anything that could get you rearrested. But what else is involved in getting a bail bond weld county co ?


Finding the Right Bail Bond Agent

The easiest way to a qualified bail bond agent is with an Internet search including the name of the county in which you’ve been jailed. All the top agencies have both websites and offices. To save on travel time, look for one as close to you as possible.

Check each website for background info on the agencies. Make sure their agents are properly licensed and have worked with the local courts and law enforcement authorities. Having a bail bond agent in good standing with the locals can speed your release.

Arranging Your Bail

Once you’ve interviewed and settled on a bail bond agent, you or someone you appoint pays a non-refundable fee to cover the costs of your release. Typically, this amounts to 15 percent of bail amounts below $5,000 and 10 percent for higher ones. After your bail bond weld county co has been posted, you can expect to be released from a municipal or city jail within an hour. A County Jail release takes up to eight hours.