Having The Right Mindset, You Can Benefit From Fear And Achieve Success

The majority of people fear success. Fear of the unknown, low self-image and fear of failure are factors prevent us from setting and, more importantly, achieving our goals. Fear is largely the result of the conditioning process. Parents sometimes, in trying to protect them from disappointment in life, stop yearning or aiming for more than they have achieved in life and this attitude of “behappy with what you have” is permanently enforced upon their children. This is all about mindset.

The pattern is then set for life, a pattern of:

1. No goals in life as they do not understand the importance thereof.

 2. Fear of taking on any challenging tasks.

3. Feeling beaten before attempting.

4. Being influenced by third parties to such an extent that they have no control over their lives.

5. Low esteem, blaming luck or fate for their failures.

How do you change this fear to your own benefit?

Fear can have a very positive side-effect if you know how to apply it. Everybody makes mistakes, but you need to avoid making the same mistake twice. You need to use this fear and failure as tools to help you learn and grow in experience and knowledge. Learn to profit from an environment where you can commit errors and develop yourselves. The best remedy for fear is taking action.

Remember “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Get the right mindset, by visualizing the mistakes you have made in the past, then move to a next super level of visualization where you can see yourself achieving success, avoiding the mistakes and where you are in total control.Focus daily on this and you can reprogram your subconscious to expect success.

Success is to decide exactly what you want, bearing in mind the benefits and disadvantages, achieving a balance between what you want and the sacrifices you will have to make and then achieving it. If you were suppressed by your parents, you need to know there is another life out there! You need to set yourself goals in life and decide how to achieve them. Even if it means deviating from your planned actions to achieve your goals in life, as long as you get there stronger and better. Knowing your goals, identifying what you need to achieve them and setting a time limit to complete, will put you on the road of success. To get results, emulate rolemodels. A healthy body and mind are two things everyone should aim for.

So, what does success mean to you? The secret of success in life is to enjoy your work, having a positive mindset and visualizing your achievable goals. Remember, by developing your super mind powers, failure is and will never be an option.