Paying Attention to the Most Wanted Lists Online

People who have bailed or bonded out of jail after being arrested are expected to stay in town and show up to all of their court dates on time. When they fail to appear in court or do not make their bond or bail payments on time, they are considered to be absconders and now wanted for the felony charge of skipping bail.

Bail bondsmen and law enforcement agencies alike rely on the public to keep an eye out for absconders and report them if they know the whereabouts of these individuals. By reporting them to a law enforcement agency, bail company, or bondsman scranton pa locals like you could earn a monetary reward.

Checking the Lists Online

If you want to know how to collect a monetary reward, you can first start by checking the online most wanted list. This list can be found on the website of most bail bonds agencies. Each agency has its own list of people who have used the bail bonds services and then absconded or jumped bail for not showing up to court.

The lists tell the people’s names as well as descriptive information about them. You can find out how much each person weighs, what color their eyes are, and if they have any distinguishing marks like tattoos or birthmarks on their bodies.

If you know where any of the people are located, you can call the agency immediately and make a report. The bail bondsman will then go to that location, conduct a search, and arrest the person if he or she is there. If the person is successfully captured, you could earn the reward for turning in this individual.

The lists of the people wanted for jumping bail are updated on a regular basis. You are not limited to the number of times you can turn in people for absconding from bail and not showing up to court. By keeping a watchful eye out while you are in public, you could identify and turn in people while earning monetary rewards for your efforts.